Chili Recipes Your Way, Every Way

This site is dedicated to Chili Recipes - Having Chili Your Way, Every Way.

There are many recipes for chili. You can explore them all. Most are good for your health.

If I asked you “what makes the best chili and its good for your health?” How would you answer? Does it have to be good for your health? Do you like beans or no beans? Do you prefer a white chicken chili or one with ground beef, venison or just vegetables? Would it be spicy or mild?

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It is amazing that one dish can offer so much variety. You have a lot of choices to choose from.

Choose the best recipe for chili

So when we talk about Chili Your Way, Every Way we truly mean it. You choose the best recipe for chili for you and your family and friends. So what are you in the mood for? What is the occasion?

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Here are a few areas you might like

• Strapped for time – Check out our easy to make section

• Are you in the mood for Chicken, Pork or Beef?

• Planning a tailgate or Super Bowl Party - check out The Chili Bar

• Does Chili with red beans, black beans and white beans or no beans sound good to you?

• Try our wonderful Mexican cornbread recipe to go with all these wonderful dishes

We look forward to you trying and identifying your favorites. The recipes include detailed directions and hopefully answer your question of ...... How to Make Chili. alt text

Send us your feedback. Be sure to send us your favorite. We will post it and share with our other readers.

Come back often and try our new chili recipes. Here is to good eating and good health.

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