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The Best crock pot chili recipes are tasty and have many health benefits. Try these mouthwatering free crock pot recipes. The crock pot is great to use when you are too busy to spend much time in the kitchen. There are many health benefits to cooking in a Rival crock pots or other crock pots.

"If you own a crock pot make these tasty crock pot chili recipes. It sure made things easier for me"

Healthy Crockpot Recipes

How to use the crockpot? Chili is one of the best dishes to prepare in the crockpot. The aroma of your chili recipe will be wafting through your home in no time.

There is no better feeling then putting your crockpot dinner on in the morning, leaving for the day and coming home and getting a whiff of this delicious dish ready to serve up.

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You can leave your crock pot on all day or night since they use very low wattage to cook. It is never necessary to stir while the crock pot is on low. Occasionally a recipe will require a quick stir if the crockpot is on high.

If you have not used your crock pot in a while it is time to dust it off and prepare some of the healthy crock pot recipes included. You might be surprised how quickly it will become a permanent part of your meal planning.

A crock pot meal is always a hit especially for large group gatherings. For example when I have hosted a Superbowl party I had 3 crock pots with 3 different chili recipes. It was a station at The Chili Bar. It was a real hit with the guests.

Getting ready for the big game?

Meeting up with friends for a tailgate party? A crock pot of some wonderful chili is great for the hearty party types. You can make it ahead or time and either transport warm or in the crock pot if you have power at your tailgate site.

You can check out our tailgate recipes section for some ideas on how to keep your chili warm while tailgating. There are also some great recipe ideas and preparation ideas for your party.

Don't forget to include a delicious serving of cornbread.

For the best crock pot recommendations to cook your recipes, I like to Cook's Illustrated America's Test Kitchen. They give a "highly recommend" to the All-Clad 99009 Stainless-Steel 6-1/2-Quart Slow Cooker

Another crock pot that several of my friends have recommended because of its versatility with the 3 different crock sizes is Hamilton Beach 33135 3-in-1 Slow Cooker with 2-, 4-, and 6-Quart Crocks, Stainless Steel

If you are looking for an inexpensive slow cooker, this one gets very good reviews on Amazon. Crockpot 3060-W 6-Quart Round Slow Cooker, White

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Try one of these tasty crock pot chili recipes for dinner tonight. There are many healthy benefits to using a crock pot and making chili. A crock pot eliminates steps, saves time and is a healthy way to cook.

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