How To Cook Beef Chili?

When people think about how to cook beef chili they often have questions about what type of meat to use. For many people beef is traditionally the main ingredient of any chili recipe. We wanted to give you some insight as to what cuts of beef to use.

We have listed below some easy beef recipes as well as some more complicated chili recipes. We have also included beef crock pot recipes for your chili.

See below for recipe links and more specific details on how to cook beef chili.

The Secret on How To Make Chili with Beef

One of the secrets to making a prize winning chili recipe is using the right ingredients. Whether you are making a ground beef chili or a chili with chunks of beef you have a lot of options concerning which cut of beef to pick from. It can be confusing with all the choices at the store. So in this section we will explore....

Cooking beef chili recipes

There are many cuts of beef and some cuts work better with chili than others. You can use tougher and less expensive cuts of meat since you will be cooking the beef in a liquid.

So much of how to cook beef chili is selecting the right type of beef. It is the first step in making sure you have the right ingredients.

Beef for chili is usually either beef cubes or a ground beef. We have included chili recipes for ground beef as well as recipes requiring cubes of beef.

How To Cook Beef Chili - Chunky Style

Usually when chili calls for cubes of beef, people buy stew meat. It is convenient since it can be purchased already trimmed, cubed, and packaged in most food stores. It is often labeled "stew meat" without describing the cut from which the meat was obtained.

Much of the beef used for stewing is obtained from the round cut or from chuck, but almost any tough cut can be used because the stewing process helps to tenderize the meat.

The best beef for chili, in terms of tenderness and flavor, comes from the chuck. It has plenty of fat and connective tissue that melts during the cooking process, providing flavor and preventing the meat from becoming tough.

If you are not sure whether the store stew meat is chuck or a round, ask at the meat counter.

You can also purchase the beef cut of your choice and cut it into pieces at home. It may be less expensive to trim and cut the beef yourself and as a result, you will know exactly what you're getting.

If you are in a hurry and are wondering how to make chili when you do not have time to simmer it long enough to make the meat tender? Use sirloin in the chili. Since this meat is tender you can get away without cooking the chili as long.

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