Meatless Monday - Serve up some Comfort Food

Meatless Monday - Enjoy comfort food and a healthy heart menu. Make Monday your meatless day.Whatever your reason for going meatless on a Monday there is no reason to sacrifice good taste and a need for delicious comfort food such as chili.

Meatless Comfort Food

There are many reasons to have a meatless day. Whether it is Monday or Thursday does not matter.

Many people want to adopt a meatless day because

  • A Johns Hopkins study that says a healthy heart menu should have us all cutting at least 15% of the saturated fat from our diet. A meatless day such as Monday will accomplish that.
  • You want to cut your carbon footprint and help the environment.
  • You just want to add more vegetables to your diet.
  • You want to save money at the grocery store by buying less meat.

Here are a few of my chili recipes that are meatless. I do not always stick to Monday. I just try to have one meatless day a week

Best Vegetarian Recipes for Going Meatless on Monday

Red Bean Chili - This deliciously seasoned red bean chili is tasty, hearty and perfect for any meatless meal.

White Chili in the Crock Pot - This white chili is quick to put together, easy to cook and very yummy.

The Best Black Bean Recipe - These black bean croquettes make a wonderfully tasty meatless meal. They are full of flavor and are a great addition for any healthy heart menu.

Fantastic Meatless Chili Recipe - A fantastic meatless chili recipe that even the meat eaters in your family will rave about.

As a chili lover I wanted to explore how do we take a comfort food like chili and maintain the warmth, comfort and great taste and make it meatless for my Monday meal. What could I make that would not make me miss the meat? I usually do not use tofu and have never used a meat substitute. My chili recipes get their flavor from wonderful spices & vegetables.

Enjoy your Meatless Monday with this delicious comfort food!

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