Rival Crock Pots

I love my rival crock pots. Why do I love my crock pots made by Rival? They are simple to use, easy to clean and they are inexpensive & cheap. I use them to make my chili recipes and other dishes.

Crockpot 3060-W 6-Quart Round Slow Cooker, White

Theme Party

Whether you are cooking for a theme party or dinner, crock pots, Rival and other brands, are perfect.

It is perfect for chili recipes, stews and soups. I love to put on a crock pot full of chili before I leave the house and come back to wonderful smells and a cooked dinner.

You might want to have 2 large crock pots whether you use Rival or another brand. You can use them both anytime you have any kind of theme party.

If you own a crock pot and are looking for some wonderful chili recipes check out our crock pot chili recipes page.

Little Dipper

Fantastic Mini Crock Pot

Rival 32041C 16-Ounce Little Dipper Chrome I purchased this mini crock pot because I thought it I might occasionally need something this small to keep things warm. I figured it was so small, cheap and cute even if I did not use it much that was OK.

This mini crock pot ended up being so much more useful than I ever imagined.

You might want to use it for

cheese fondue

Queso Dip

Spicy Mexican Cheese Dip

chili dip

keep syrup warm for those waffles and pancakes

keep gravy warm

melted butter for lobster

making steel cut oatmeal

warm sauces

hold little smokies

chocolate fondue

This little dipper mini crock pot is perfect for your theme party

For crock pot chili recipes to make with your Rival crock pots