Texas Chili Recipes

What makes Texas Chili recipes unique? A real Texas chili is a beanless chili recipe. In fact the first two ingredients are always meat and chili peppers in recipes of Texas chili.

A Texas Chili con Carne Recipe

The official dish of the state of Texas

In 1977 - The Texas legislature officially proclaimed chili con carne the official "state food" of Texas "in recognition of the fact that the only real 'bowl of red' is that prepared by Texans."

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A popular saying among self-proclaimed chili purists is,

"If you know beans about chili, you know chili ain't got no beans."

If you decide to make our Chili con carne recipe it would include chili peppers, meat, garlic, onions and cumin. It is a no bean chili. Sounds yummy to me! Shop Amazon's Kindle Accessories Store

So if you are looking for a beanless chili recipe you are in the right place. We also have also included different ways to include venison, chunks of beef in these dishes and recipes for ground beef.

Recipe for Chili Tips

1. Always wear gloves when chopping the chili peppers or hold the chili with a fork while slicing open and cleaning out the seeds.

2. When cooking the chili do not let it boil excessively. After you add all ingredients most recipes tell you to bring it to a boil. Do as the recipe recommends then make sure you turn down as instructed.

Texas-Style Chili - A Beanless Chili Recipe

The link is for a chili con Carne which is one of the best chili recipes. This recipe can use game meats. It makes one of the best venison chili recipes. You can also substitute bison meat, deer meat, and elk or make it a ground beef chili. Shop Amazon's Holiday Toy List

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The Best Texas-Style Chili

Prize Winning Texas Chili Recipe

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